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Where do Disposed Clothes End Up?

When sending clothes to a charity it’s essential that you ensure that all items are in good, wearable condition. Clothes that are damaged are directly disposed in landfills.

How the Fashion Industry Contributes to Pollution

Polyester in clothes releases 500,000 tons of microfibers into the ocean, which is equal to 50 billion plastic bottles.  Choosing sustainable fashion brands helps reduce your carbon footprint.

An interview with Founder Monica Phromsavanh

  What inspired you to start Equal Hands?I was inspired to start Equal Hands after working in the fashionindustry for over 20 years and discovering how harmful it is to both people and the planet....

3 Top Fashion Trends for Fall 2020

Make a splash this fall season by putting your most fashionable foot forward! Check out our top picks for cold weather wardrobe trends for fall 2020!

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