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What is an on-demand service? 

Many fashion companies manufacture their inventory in large amounts because it lowers the per-piece cost.  In other words, it’s cheaper to produce more stuff.  However, this practice often leaves brands holding excess inventory at the end of the season. This excess inventory is then marked down in hopes it will sell off, but if it remains unpurchased it won’t be marked down to zero.  Rather, it is often burned or dumped in landfills.  This practice is justified as fashion companies protecting the “value” of their brand.  

On demand is a production process in which goods are only made when they are required, rather than in large quantities.  When you place an order with Equal Hands, you will receive something made specially for you.  Your piece.  And you won’t be adding to a process that inevitably harms the planet.


What is a personalized item/service? 

We offer an array of choices such as adding your initials, changing offered colors, in some cases editing the dimensions of the item. Through this service you can add a final touch of uniqueness that represents your personal style and preference to your item. You can acquire a special piece with rich heritage that tells a positive story and was made especially for you. Or you can give something unique and personalized to someone you love. We are happy to do this for you for a fee.


What are the products made of?

Our products come from sustainable sources such as natural fibers, natural dyes, recycled materials. In some cases we have zippers trims, buttons etc, but we strive to keep non natural fibers at below 3% of the item. 

Our beauty and wellness products are 100% natural, free of any toxic chemicals.

Where are your products made? 

Our collaborations with like minded designers and makers are from all around the globe from Latin America, South East Asia, Africa and remote areas of Europe. 

How shall I care for my products?

Many of our products are handmade with love using the best quality of natural fibers. Our vintage pieces are similarly special.  We do encourage that you treat your purchased items as collector pieces, keep storage in dry places, follow care instructions. 

Our beauty and wellness products come in their own containers and should be stored with caps, tops, etc. closed.

Will my item look exactly like the photo?

It depends on the item.  For our vintage items and cosmetics, yes, the photos are completely accurate representations. For our handmade items, note that each handmade piece is distinctly unique. While the shape and style will, of course, be the same, no two items will ever be exactly identical in absolut detail. Which means — your piece is truly your own.


Do I need to set up an account to place an order? 

 No, you can shop at Equal Hands? without creating an account. However, register with us and you’ll be able to enjoy the following benefits through your Equal Hands account: • Review past purchases • Manage your account details, address book and email preferences • To create an account, simply go to the Register page and fill in your details.

 I’ve forgotten my password. What should I do?

 If you have forgotten your password, go to the link for “forgot your password?” and a link will be sent to your direct email address for resetting your password. 

 Do you charge sales tax?

Yes.  In accordance with tax law, sales tax is collected on orders depending on the tax laws of the state in your shipping address.  Prices displayed on the website are exclusive of taxes. When you proceed to purchase your order, sales tax will be calculated on the total merchandise value and shipping charges, and displayed on the Order Summary page.


The Equal Hands team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We're on hand to assist with:

      • Customization
      • On-Demand orders
      • Size and fit advice
      • Detailed product information
      • Delivery questions
      • Exchange and return queries
      • Any other questions about Equal Hands, our artisan partners or the organizations we donate to


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