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Fall is upon us, and with most of the year 2020 spent indoors due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the American public is clamoring to get out and socialize. Even though there are several social distancing measures and regulations in place by the government, it doesn’t mean that you can’t flaunt your fashionable wardrobe this fall season.

Whether you are planning on attending socially distanced weddings and other events this Fall or taking some luxury outdoor strolls in the cold weather, we have got you covered. Check out some of our tops picks for fashionable and sustainable fall clothing trends:

Faux Leather & Long Skirts

A long skirt paired with a faux leather jacket is a timeless combination and is one of the favorite fashion trends of the fall season. The jacket’s tough exterior with the sleek and narrow skirt gives a bold and aesthetic look. Faux leather is also a sustainable alternative to animal leather and requires less water and other natural resources to produce.  

Trendy Printed Coats

Single color coats are fine, but this season, vibrant colored and printed coats are taking center stage. This Fall, rock a stylish and bold printed coat that reflects your unique personality while giving you protection from the cold and windy fall nights. Pair your coat with classy tank tops and flowy pants for a chic and elegant look.

A woman wearing a beautiful fall-inspired orange skirt with deep blue Azulejo Blouse from Equal Hands

Orange Hues

Orange is the official color of Halloween season, and there is no better time to flaunt some orange hues in your wardrobe than the Fall season. From deep marigold to bright tangerine, there are many shades of orange and auburn that can uplift your wardrobe and turn heads wherever you go. Add a classy touch by pairing your outfit with some unique accessories in various shades of orange, such as a hat, headbands, or a gorgeous bag.

Shop Sustainable Fall Fashions at Equal Hands!

Check out some amazing, stylish clothing and accessories to complete your Fall wardrobe at Equal Hands. As one of the leading ecologically sustainable fashion brands, Equal Hands offers unique and fashionable pieces that have been designed to be both stylish and comfortable. From upcycled eco-friendly women's clothing to handmade jewelry, Equal Hands offers an ecologically sustainable lifestyle brand that will benefit you and the planet.

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