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Waffle Robe 100% Turkish Cotton


The Turkish cotton robe is comfort from the cold, a welcome dry warm place after a bath or swim, an elegant and carefree cover on a warm night, and a great gift for a close friend. The simplicity of the item is juxtaposed with the skill and artistry to make them interesting. The use of color and pattern is key.  And then there is the quality of the hand. The fabric and its purity distinguish quality and length of life. Good robes never die, they get softer and softer over time.

The Turkish traditional handmade process for making these cotton robes has been handed down for generations and focuses on sustainable raw materials native and local to Turkey.  All processed in a natural way with no artificial chemicals involved, handcrafted with passion and care. 


Product Details

Material:  100% Turkish cotton

One size fits all 

Dimensions: Width 27 x Length 38 in

Made in Turkey

sustainable lifestyle brand

The Social Pillar

Equal Hands partners with artisans and organizations in underserved communities around the world to provide a dignified income and opportunities for talented makers. We also donate a portion of the purchase price to local charitable causes we support.

The Environment Pillar

We are very aware of the negative impact fast fashion and mass production has had on the environment. This awareness has led us to work towards offering the most environmentally sustainable and natural products that we can find.

The Economic Pillar

We strongly believe that empowered individuals hold the ability to break the cycle of poverty and that in particular, women need to be connected to opportunities so that communities can thrive.

This world, at times, seems too big for us. Massive amounts of energy going in the wrong directions. That inertia can seem overwhelming for one person. But one person, joining others can have an impact. Particularly when the impulse is pure and inspired by a thing of beauty. Our purchase decisions can change the planet’s fate and people’s lives for the better.

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