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The fast fashion industry is one of the biggest contributors to environmental pollution. According to the world resources Institute, clothing waste produced globally is enough to fill 1.5 empire state buildings every day!

The linear fast fashion industry model of buying, wearing, and discarding clothes in quick progression has strong social, economic, and environmental implications.

The good news is that many fashion brands are shifting toward sustainable and ethical practices to produce sustainable clothing and accessories in an effort to reduce the environmental damage, prevent waste of virgin resources, and reduce their carbon footprint. But many people are still apprehensive about shifting to sustainable fashion brands due to some common misconceptions.

Here are the top sustainable fashion myths that you need to stop believing:


A woman wearing a simple, yet stylish outfit made from sustainable materials 

Myth #1: Sustainable Fashion Is Not Stylish

While the issue of style shouldn’t be a priority in the face of the extent of global destruction caused by the fast fashion industry, many people are willing to sacrifice the world’s oceans and other natural resources to look good.

In the past few years, sustainable fashion has come further than ever, and many brands are selling stylish and beautifully made sustainable fashion, clothing and accessories that will impress anyone!

Myth #2: Sustainable Clothing and Accessories Are Made with Poor Quality Fabric

It’s ironic how so many people choose fast fashion brands over sustainable fashion due to concerns over the quality of fabric and materials when it should be the other way around. The fast fashion industry churns out massive amounts of clothing and accessories each year to keep up with the growing demand. This means there’s less time for workmanship, and naturally, the quality of the products suffers.

On the other hand, sustainable fashion is usually made with renewable and organic fibers that are more durable and timeless. By producing unique pieces in smaller numbers, the sustainable fashion industry offers a better quality of clothing and materials compared to many fast fashion brands. 


Sustainable fashion clothes


Myth #3: Sustainable Fashion Is Expensive

If you compare sustainable fashion with most fast fashion brands, then yes, the costs are a little bit higher. But if you look at it in the long run, you stand to save a lot more compared to purchasing cheaper fast-fashion clothing and accessories.

Due to its high quality and durability, sustainable fashion products last longer than most fast fashion options. This means you don’t have to replace them that often and you get more value for your money!

Shop with Purpose from A Socially Sustainable Lifestyle Brand

Make the right choice to do your part to save the planet by purchasing eco-friendly clothing and accessories from socially sustainable lifestyle brands such as Equal Hands. Whether you are looking for clothing for a special occasion, statement jewelry, everyday wear, or trendy bags and shoes, Equal Hands offers a range of sustainable women’s clothing and accessories, ethical jewelry brands, and sustainable and ethical luxury fashion brands to help you transition to an eco-friendly lifestyle!

Shop for your favorite fashion products today!

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