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According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, over 11 million tons of textile waste is dumped in landfills all over the country each year. Out of the millions of tons of garments and textile accessories produced each year in the U.S., only about 15% is recycled while the rest ends up being wasted. 

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Sustainable fashion brands have become increasingly popular as they offer alternatives to fast fashion that are more eco-friendly and reduce textile overproduction. More and more people are moving toward sustainable fashion brands to do their part in restoring the planet’s resources and combating the growing environmental issues.

Here are some tips on how to make ethical fashion choices and reduce your carbon footprint:

Avoid Synthetic Fibers

The first step to sustainable and ethical shopping is avoiding synthetic fabrics produced at a great cost to the environment. Fabrics such as polyester, conventional cotton, and other synthetic fabrics are made using dangerous chemicals and pesticides that harm the environment. They also shed microplastics each time they are washed, which pollute the water supply and harm ocean life. Instead, look for organic and natural fabrics such as hemp, bamboo, linen, and organic cotton, which are more environmentally friendly.

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Buy Fewer Clothes and Accessories

How many things do you really need? A major step toward a sustainable lifestyle is questioning your shopping habits. Evaluate how many clothes and accessories you bought last and how many times you used them before discarding them. Before going out to buy more clothes, ask yourself whether you really need another item of clothing or you can make do with what you have. Finally, if you go shopping for clothes, make sure you get something that is practical and timeless, and you won’t end up discarding it after wearing it a couple of times.

Shop from Ethical and Sustainable Brands

Shopping from local brands that offer organic and sustainable options is another way to reduce your carbon footprint and combat the growing environmental issues caused by large fast fashion brands that mass-produce clothing and accessories. Choose sustainable lifestyle brands that are transparent about the source of their fabric and the production process for their clothing and accessories. Seek out brands that offer a good working environment and fair pay to their artisans and offer unique statement pieces that are stylish and timeless!

Shop Sustainable Fashion at Equal Hands

Participate in sustainable fashion by shopping for artisan made and upcycled clothing and accessories at Equal Hands. As one of the leading socially sustainable lifestyle brand, Equal Hands offers luxury fashion that adheres to fair trade, ecologically sustainable practices and gives back to causes in the communities in which it makes its clothing and accessories.

Start your journey toward a more sustainable lifestyle by shopping responsibly at Equal Hands.

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This world, at times, seems too big for us. Massive amounts of energy going in the wrong directions. That inertia can seem overwhelming for one person. But one person, joining others can have an impact. Particularly when the impulse is pure and inspired by a thing of beauty. Our purchase decisions can change the planet’s fate and people’s lives for the better.

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