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Silk Painted Peacock Vintage Kimono


The Silk Peacock Vintage Kimono is a recycled piece exclusive to Equal Hands and part of the Sustainable Line. With its unique and vintage provenance, this item is truly one of a kind pieces and made available exclusively for you. This vintage piece is great to start of a more ecological responsible lifestyle by embracing circular fashion.

When traditional fashion fuses with contemporary style, beautiful things can happen. Historically significant, aesthetically fascinating, and steeped in symbolism, the kimono captures the exquisite elegance of Japanese culture and design, proving that clothing can be much more than meets the eye. Our aim is to create ‘less wastage’ gorgeous clothing to successfully revive a fading tradition. Choose from the different styles of kimono for various occasions and seasons. 



Product Details

At Equal Hands, we consciously adhere to environmentally responsible fashion and lifestyle through upcycling, repurposing, and promoting circular fashion.  To us, style and fashion don’t have to be always fast and trendy. Empowering every fashionista in making responsible, conscious choices and overall lifestyle is just one of our goals. 

  • Soft and comfortable 
  • Durable 
  • Dramatic sleeves 
  • Long shrug style 
  • Lightweight
  • 100 % Silk 
  • Fully lined 
  • Made in Japan
  • The belt is not included


  • Chest: 24 in
  • Length: 65 in
  • One size 
  • We offer complimentary hemming. Ask us how 
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The Social Pillar

Equal Hands partners with artisans and organizations in underserved communities around the world to provide a dignified income and opportunities for talented makers. We also donate a portion of the purchase price to local charitable causes we support.

The Environment Pillar

We are very aware of the negative impact fast fashion and mass production has had on the environment. This awareness has led us to work towards offering the most environmentally sustainable and natural products that we can find.

The Economic Pillar

We strongly believe that empowered individuals hold the ability to break the cycle of poverty and that in particular, women need to be connected to opportunities so that communities can thrive.

This world, at times, seems too big for us. Massive amounts of energy going in the wrong directions. That inertia can seem overwhelming for one person. But one person, joining others can have an impact. Particularly when the impulse is pure and inspired by a thing of beauty. Our purchase decisions can change the planet’s fate and people’s lives for the better.

Monica Phromsavanh Hand

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